Retake Day for Your School
~If a retake date does not appear please contact us at 800-948-1120 ext 0

1. Please have your child return original package to the
photographer. (Please keep any class pictures) 
      This picture will NOT be replaced with retake package.

2. We will replace your original order with the new image. No additional cost or fees.
3. Please include a note if you have any special requests (no glasses, change background color, etc.)
4. The new package will be delivered to your school within 3-4 weeks
5. If your Retake Day is scheduled in December we will have your package back to your school prior to winter break.


ABC Preschool        
A. Drewicz        
Abbot-Downing (formerly Conant Rumford)      23-Oct-14    
Adams School       25-Nov-14    
Adeline C. Marston School      23-Oct-14    
Albert Bridge School     13-Nov-14    
Albert Parlin School       27-Oct-14    
Albert S. Hall    18-Nov-14    
Alburgh Community Ed Ctr    30-Oct-14    
Allenstown Elementary School    6-Nov-14    
Andover Elementary/Middle School    4-Nov-14    
Argenziano School    9-Dec    
Arlington Catholic    14-Nov-14    
Arlington Middle School    TBD   
Armand Dupont School    6-Nov-14    
Auburn Village School    29-Oct-14    
Barnard Academy    28-Oct-14    
Barrington Early Childhood Learning Center    19-Nov-14    
Bath Village School    3-Nov-14    
Bearcamp Valley School & Children's Center    13-Nov-14    
Beeman Elementary School    12-Nov-14    
Belmont Elementary    7-Nov-14    
Belmont High School    23-Oct-14    
Belmont Middle School    5-Nov-14    
Benjamin Franklin School    17-Oct-14    
Benson Village School    27-Oct-14    
Berlin High School    22-Oct-14    
Berlin Middle School    12-Nov-14    
Bethlehem Elementary School    19-Nov-14    
Biddeford High Schoool    29-Oct-14    
Biddeford Intermediate School    6-Nov-14    
Biddeford Middle School    15-Oct-14    
Biddeford Primary School    4-Nov-14    
Black Rock School    12-Nov-14    
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Day School    25-Nov-14    
Bridgewater-Hebron Village School    4-Nov-14    
Bridport Central School    4-Nov-14    
Bristol Elementary School(NH)    4-Dec-14   
Bristol Early Childhood Center (BEC Center), CT   12-Dec-14
Bristol Early Education Program    21-Nov-14    
Bristol Elementary School(VT)    21-Nov-14    
Broken Ground School    23-Oct-14    
Brown Elementary School    12-Nov-14    
Brown School    10-Nov-14    
Buckley Elementary School     5-Nov-14    
Cabot School    29-Oct-14    
Campus Academy High School    2-Dec-14    
Canaan Elementary School    18-Nov-14    
Canterbury Elementary School    14-Nov-14    
Capuano Early Childhood Center    4-Dec-14    
Carrington Elementary School    20-Nov-14    
Castleton Elementary School    14-Nov-14    
Castleton Village School    6-Nov-14    
Cavendish Town Elementary School    10-Nov-14    
Centre School    4-Nov-14    
Chester Academy    15-Oct-14    
Chesterfield Central School    20-Oct-14    
CK Burns    29-Oct-14    
Clark Street School        
Coastal Ridge Elementary    24-Oct-14    
Cobbet School    14-Nov-14    
Colebrook Elementary    6-Nov-14    
Community Day at Arlington    TBD   
Community School    17-Oct-14    
Comprehensive Grammar School (CGS)    12-Nov-14    
Conway Elementary School    19-Nov-14    
Cooperative Middle School    30-Oct-14    
Cornerstone Christian (Ossipee)    30-Oct-14    
Cornwall School    12-Nov-14    
Corpus Christi School    25-Nov-14    
Danville Elementary School    23-Oct-14    
Deerfield Community School    15-Oct-14    
Ditson    20-Nov-14    
Dublin Christian Academy    3-Dec-14    
East Kingston Elementary    18-Nov-14    
East Somerville Community School    11-Dec-14    
Eden Central School        
Edmunds Middle School    21-Oct-14    
Edward Fenn School    12-Nov-14    
Edward Sisson    2-Dec-14    
Eliot Elementary     7-Nov-14    
Elisabeth M. Bennet Academy    16-Oct-14    
Elm Street School    20-Nov-14    
Enfield Village Elementary School    18-Nov-14    
Epping Elementary    16-Oct-14    
Epping High School    22-Oct-14    
Epping Middle School    22-Oct-14    
Epping Pre-School (see Epping Elem contract)    16-Oct-14    
Eric L Knowlton School    7-Oct-14    
Errol Consolidated Elementary    7-Nov-14    
Exeter Alt High School        
Exeter High School    24-Oct-14    
Faith Christian Academy    none    
Falmouth Elementary    17-Oct-14    
Falmouth High    9-Oct-14    
Farmington 500 Boys Club (Soccer)        
Farmington 500 Boys Club (Volleyball)        
Farmington High    23-Oct-14    
Fayston Elementary School    17-Nov-14    
Folsom Education and Comm    21-Nov-14    
Franconia Childrens Center    27-Oct-14    
Frank I Brown    24-Oct-14    
Fred C Underhill School    17-Nov-14    
Fuller Elementary School    3-Nov-14    
Fuller Meadow    13-Nov-14    
Garrison School    23-Oct-14    
Geiger Elementary    24-Oct-14    
Gerard A Guilmette Middle School    24-Nov-14    
George J. Mitchell    23-Oct-14    
Gilford High School (sports only)        
Gilford Middle School (sports only)        
Gorham Middle/High    12-Nov-14    
Governor John Fairfield    7-Nov-14    
Governor William Pitkin School    25-Nov-14    
Grace Christian School    17-Nov-14    
Grafton Elementary School    28-Oct-14    
Grand Isle School    21-Nov-14    
Greely Middle School    14-Nov-14    
Green Acres School    24-Oct-14    
Greene Central School    14-Nov-14    
Greenfield Math and Science Academy    13-Nov-14    
Greenfield Middle School    23-Oct-14    
Hampton Academy    29-Oct-14    
Hanson Elementary School    27-Oct-14    
Happy Day Nursery    none    
Harrisville Wells Memorial School    18-Nov-14    
Harry S Fisher Elementary School    27-Oct-14    
Haverhill Cooperative Middle School    22-Oct-14    
Healey School     13-Nov-14            
Henry L. Cottrell    13-Nov-14            
Henry W. Moore    29-Oct-14            
Henry Wilson Memorial    4-Nov-14            
Heronfield Academy    3-Nov-14            
Highbridge Hill Elementary    28-Oct-14            
Hillsboro Christian School    17-Nov-14            
Hillside Elementary    12-Nov-14            
Holy Family Academy    20-Oct-14            
Hood Elementary    17-Oct-14            
Hooksett Memorial School    17-Nov-14            
Horne Street School    4-Nov-14            
Howard Reiche Community School    18-Nov            
Howe Manning    13-Nov-14            
Hudson Memorial    3-Oct-14            
Hyde Park Elementary School    27-Oct-14            
Indian River School    19-Nov-14            
Ingalls School    13-Nov-14            
Ipswich Middle School    3-Oct-14            
Isle La Motte Elementary    4-Dec-14            
Jackson Grammar School    20-Nov-14            
Jamaica Village School    3-Nov-14            
James Mastricola Elementary    28-Oct-14            
Jefferson Elementary School    27-Oct-14            
John F. Kennedy Elementary School    TBD            
John F. Kennedy Kinder Center    5-Nov-14            
John F. Kennedy School    14-Nov-14            
John H. Fuller School    29-Oct-14            
John Perkins Elementary School    20-Nov-14            
John Stark Regional High    14-Oct-14            
Jonathan Daniels School    17-Oct-14            
Jonathan Reed School    20-Nov-14            
Josiah Bartlett Elementary    5-Nov-14            
Keene High School    16-Oct-14            
Keene Middle School    16-Oct-14            
Kenneth A. Brett School    13-Nov-14            
Kensington Elementary    6-Nov-14            
Kents Hill School    27-Oct-14            
Kingswood Regional High School    29-Oct-14            
Kingswood Regional Middle School    18-Nov-14            
Laconia Middle School    22-Oct-14            
Lafayette RegionalSchool    27-Oct-14            
Lafayette School    19-Nov-14            
Lakes Region Christian School    14-Nov-14            
Lakeway Elementary School    14-Nov-14            
Lamoille Union Middle School    30-Oct-14            
Lancaster School    24-Oct-14            
Leavitt High School    16-Oct-14            
Lebanon Elementary School    27-Oct-14            
Lee Winn Elementary    6-Nov-14            
Leeds Centtral School    21-Oct-14            
Leland & Gray Union Middle/High    30-Oct-14            
Lincoln Akerman School    30-Oct-14            
Lincoln Middle  School    24-Oct-14            
Lincoln Street School    7-Nov-14            
Lisbon Regional School    7-Nov-14            
Locke Middle School    5-Nov-14            
Longley Elementary School    none            
Ludlow Elementary School    18-Nov-14            
Mabel Wilson     6-Nov-14            
Madeline English School    7-Nov-14            
Madison Elementary    14-Nov-14            
Main Street School    3-Nov-14            
Maple Street Elementary    15-Oct-14            
Marian High School    27-Oct-14            
Marlborough School    18-Nov-14            
Marsh Grammar School    5-Dec-14            
Marshwood Great Works School    4-Nov-14            
Marshwood High School    15-Oct-14            
Marshwood Middle School    15-Oct-14            
Mary Fisk School    7-Nov-14            
Mary Hogan School    21-Oct-14            
Mascenic Regional High    16-Oct-14            
Mascoma Valley Reg. High School    19-Nov-14            
Masconomet High    22-Oct-14            
Masconomet Middle    24-Oct-14            
McDonough Elementary    13-Nov-14            
McLaughlin Middle School    30-Oct-14            
Merrimack Valley Middle School    9-Oct-14            
Methuen High School    20-Oct-14            
Middlebury Union Middle    30-Oct-14            
Milan Village School    7-Nov-14            
Mill River Union High School    5-Nov-14            
Millville Elementary    22-Oct-14            
Milton Elementray    13-Nov-14            
MM Generali School    2-Dec-14            
Monroe Consolidated School                
Montello Elementary    20-Nov-14            
Mount Ararat High School    7-Oct-14            
Mount Jefferson Junior High    6-Nov-14            
Mount Saint Mary Academy    6-Nov-14            
Mountain View    17-Nov-14            
Mystic Valley Charter High School    26-Nov-14            
Mystic Valley Charter School Gr 1-8    26-Nov-14            
Mystic Valley Charter School Kindergarten    26-Nov-14            
Nelson Elementary School    15-Oct-14            
Newington Public School    6-Nov-14            
Newport Montessori School    21-Oct-14            
Newport Middle and High School    3-Oct-14            
Noble High School    6-Nov-14            
North Berwick Elementary    24-Oct-14            
North Hero Elementary     4-Dec-14            
North Salem Elementary    28-Oct-14            
North Yarmouth Memorial School    14-Nov-14            
Northwest Elementary School    30-Oct-14            
Oak Hill Middle School    16-Oct-14            
Ocean Ave (was Nathan Clifford)    5-Nov-14            
Orwell Village School    19-Nov-14            
Ottoson Middle School    18-Nov-14            
Parlin School    27-Oct-14            
Paul F. Doyon Memorial School    18-Nov-14            
Paul School    22-Oct-14            
Peirce School    3-Nov-14            
Pelham High School                
Pembroke Academy    3-Oct-14            
Pembroke Hill School    5-Nov-14            
Pembroke Village School    5-Nov-14            
Pine Tree School    6-Nov-14            
Plainfield School    4-Nov-14            
Pollard Elementary    6-Nov-14            
Pownal Elementary School (VT)    7-Nov-14            
Presumpscot Elementary School    2-Dec-14            
Proctor Elementary School    20-Nov-14            
Prutile School    21-Oct-14            
Richford Elementary    5-Nov-14            
Ridge Hill School    12-Nov-14            
Robert L. Ford Elementary    3-Dec-14            
Robinson Elementary    21-Nov-14            
Rundlett Middle    23-Oct-14            
Sabattus Primary School    23-Oct-14            
Sacred Heart School    10-Nov-14            
Saint Agnes School    14-Nov-14            
Saint Edward School    18-Nov-14            
Saint Joseph Regional School    17-Nov-14            
Saint Joseph Regional Jr High    10-Oct-14            
Saint Mary Academy (Dover NH)    3-Dec-14            
Saint Mary's School (Winchester MA)    12-Dec 14           
St. Patrick School    17-Nov-14            
Saint Patrick School    3-Nov-14            
Saint Stanislaus School    9-Dec-14            
Salisbury Community School    20-Nov-14            
Salisbury Elementary School (NH)    5-Nov-14            
Sandown Central School    27-Oct-14            
Sandown North Elementary School    28-Oct-14            
Saxtons River Elementary School    7-Nov-14            
School for Exceptional Studies (SES)    25-Nov-14            
Seabrook Elementary School    29-Oct-14            
Seabrook Middle School    28-Oct-14            
Seem Collaborative HURD School    9-Jan-14            
SEEM Middle School    2-Dec-14            
SEEM TLC at Beebe    4-Dec-14            
SES Annex    25-Nov-14            
SES    25-Nov-14            
Soule School    30-Oct-14            
South Meadow Middle School    22-Oct-14            
Sprague Elementary School    20-Nov-14            
Stafford Middle School     27-Oct-14            
Stamford Elementary School    7-Nov-14            
Stewartstown Community    6-Nov-14            
Strafford School    28-Oct-14            
Sugar & Spice Preschool    2-Dec-14            
Whittier School    4-Dec-14            
Sunapee Central Elementary School    19-Nov-14            
Symonds School    19-Nov-14            
Tenney Grammar School    14-Nov-14            
The Dover School    19-Nov-14            
Thetford Elementary School    14-Nov-14            
Thomas J McMahon Elementary School    22-Oct-14            
Thomaston Center School    12-Nov-14            
Thorntons Ferry School    13-Nov-14            
Timberlane Regional High School    24-Oct-14            
Timberlane Regional Middle School    24-Oct-14            
Timony Grammar School    21-Nov-14            
Tobin Montessori School    3-Dec-14            
Townshend Elementary    3-Nov-14            
Trinity Christian School    19-Nov-14            
Tripp Middle School    29-Oct-14            
Troy Elementary School    28-Oct-14            
Tuftonboro Central School    4-Nov-14            
Turner Elementary School    17-Oct-14            
UP Academy Oliver    10-Dec-14            
Valley View Community school    5-Nov-14            
Vassalboro Community School    15-Oct-14            
Vernon Elementary School    19-Nov-14            
Vivian E. Hussey School    28-Oct-14            
Waits River Valley School    21-Oct-14            
Walter Haigh School    29-Oct-14            
Wardsboro ElementarySchool    17-Nov-14            
Warren Village School    10-Oct-14            
Washington Elementary School    17-Nov-14            
Waterville High School    17-Oct-14            
Waterville Junior High School    21-Oct-14            
Waterville Valley Elementary School    13-Nov-14            
Weare Middle School    24-Oct-14            
Webster Elementary School    20-Nov-14            
Wells Village School    20-Nov-14            
West Bristol School    10-Nov-14            
West Somerville Neighborhood School    3-Dec-14            
West Stafford School    3-Nov-14            
Westmoreland School    28-Oct-14            
Wheelock School    15-Oct-14            
Whiting Lane Elementary/Early Learning Center    13-Nov-14            
William Allen School    19-Nov-14            
Whittier School    4-Dec-14            
William P. Connery Elementary    19-Nov-14            
William T. Barron School    6-Nov-14            
Winchester School    21-Nov-14            
Williams-Cone School    7-Nov-14            
Windham Elementary School    none            
Winter Hill Community School                
Winthrop Elementary School    5-Nov-14            
Woodbury Elementary School    21-Nov-14            
Woodbury Middle School    17-Oct-14            
Woodford Hollow Elementary    17-Oct-14            
Woodman Park    4-Nov-14            
Woodside Elementary    30-Oct-14            
Woodsville High School    30-Oct-14            
Young School    27-Oct-14

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